Resurfacing the crucial insights hidden across enterprises' unstructured data

Graphium is a B2B SaaS product that uses machine learning and graph technology to collate, structure and visualise your unstructured research data, helping you sort the useful insights from the noise.
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Graphium helps you find insights hidden away in large bodies of qualitative data while providing a strategic overview of your collective research.

Graphium was designed to help research teams in large organisations find a more effective way to collaborate and analyse their collective knowledge.

Upload document iconUpload document icon
File Upload

Simply upload .txt, .pdf and .docx files directly from your local storage system, via OneDrive or SharePoint.

Icon showing lines representing topic extraction Icon showing lines representing topic extraction
Topic Extraction

Graphium automatically extracts Topics and Keyphrases that summarise the contents of every research document in your database.

Magnifying glass icon to show smart searchMagnifying glass icon to show smart search
Smart Search

You can search for documents by Title, or use Graphium's Topic to discover research on a chosen theme.

A knowledge map iconA knowledge map icon
Knowledge Map

Graphium automatically creates an interactive visualisation of your research documents, showing the connections between different users and topics, providing a strategic overview of your research output.

A shield with a tick to show securityA shield with a tick to show security
Secure Collaboration

Use customisable access controls to securely share research with others inside and outside your organisation, removing the friction and risk from collaboration.

Bar graph showing advanced analyticsBar graph showing advanced analytics
Advanced Analytics

See at a glance who has been researching what in your organisation and spot emerging trends, hidden connections and gaps in your knowledge base.

Graphium Software
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